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All-In-One Heat Pump

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German Tech Heat Pumps are all-in-one units with the heat pump integrated into the top of the cylinder. We use R290 natural refrigerant, which is one of the most environment-friendly and cost-efficient refrigerants on the market. Our heat pump is quiet, yet efficiently uses the heat in the surrounding air to make hot water even if the temperatures is as low as -7℃.

How does a heat pump work?

A heat pump takes the heat out of the surrounding air and transfers it into the water. Even though a heat pump operates using electricity, it's about 3 to 5 times more efficient than a conventional electric or gas heater.

  1. A fan draws air through an evaporator. Thermal energy within the air is transferred to a liquid refrigerant causing it to change into gas.

  2. The refrigerant gas is then drawn into a compressor which increases the pressure and, as a result, increases the temperature.

  3. A condenser (heat exchanger) then transports gaseous refrigerant around the outside of the water cylinder. This heats the water inside and the gaseous refrigerant reverts back into a liquid.

  4. The pressure of the refrigerant is reduced as it goes through an expansion valve and returns to the evaporator for the process to start all over again.

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Imagine a refrigerator working in reverse.

Why do people choose a heat pump?  

A heat pump is up to 75% more efficient than a traditional electric or gas hot water system and they are effective in all Australian climates. Our 200L and 270L AIO Heat Pumps have advanced R290 compressor technology, they are environmentally friendly and whisper quiet. A typical homeowner will save $800 or 3200kWh per year in energy and 2,800 kgCO2e in emissions. Our Heat Pumps are also eligible to receive Federal and State Government rebates, they are a great alternative to solar hot water if;

1. You don't have enough roof space for a solar hot water system;

2. Your house plumbing design cannot accommodate solar hot water; or

3. You need a hot water system with lower up-front costs.

Then a German Tech All-In-One Heat Pump could be the most environment-friendly and cost-effective way to make hot water for your home.


  • Enamel tank with R290 refrigerant. Durable, efficient and environmentally friendly. 
  • 6-year warranty on the major system components.
  • 50mm insulation makes sure you have reliable hot water even in temperatures as low as -7℃
  • Patented SPD defrosting technology ensures that the heat pump water heater defrosts quickly at low temperatures.
  • Wi-Fi Control and 5 Inteligent Modes.
  • Booster mode will automatically turn off when the water temperature is higher than the set value. 
  • Noise dampening design operates at a super quiet 45dB. 
  • Made by the world's Largest Solar Hot Water manufacturer.

Specifications - Manuals


  Model YT-200TD2 📄

  Model YT-270TD2 📄

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