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GERMAN TECH Solar Hot Water Systems

German Tech Solar Hot Water System

How solar hot water systems work: Flat solar collectors placed on the roof absorb the sun's rays. The collectors have copper tubes inside in which water circulates, cold water then becoming hot water before returning to the insulated storage tank. Generally the system can provide all to half of your hot water used in your house depending on where you live, the weather conditions, and the usage of hot water. In Queensland, you can get up to 100%, this is reduced in cooler climate such as Tasmania. When the sun is not strong enough or with excess use, an electric booster will kick in and heat up the water to the required temperature. Flat plate collectors are perfect for solar water heating in most coastal areas of Australia. Evacuated tube collectors are ideal for weather below 3°C or where frosts can be expected. 

Flat plate solar collectors are shallow rectangular boxes with glass lids and aluminium for the body. Our German Tech collectors are 1 metre wide by 2 metres long. The collectors have insulation and copper tubes inside in which water circulates. 

Solar Hot Water System

Ev​acuated tube collectors capture more sunrays as they have a greater surface area exposed to the sun. They can be used in subzero temperatures, are durable, and provide excellent performance in overcast conditions.

Evacuated tubes are made from two layers of glass, fused together and evacuated of air. A special coating is applied to the outer layer of the inner tube, the sunrays will be converted to heat at 98% efficiency. The heat is trapped and a copper heat exchanger heats water flowing through a header pipe.

Evacuated tube Solar Hot Water

Why GERMAN TECH is the best choice

GERMAN TECH is designed for Australian conditions with German technology.

  • The ALANOD Mirotherm® glass coating increases the heat penetration. So it heats water even on cloudy days, then uses less electricity boosting. This is German technology designed for European cloudy weather.

  • The roof mount thermosiphon tank is marine grade stainless steel SUS316L with metal ends, and has a 10yr. warranty.

  • The ground mount split system uses a top tier Grundfos pump. 

  • All copper and brassware fittings are the highest quality and meet Australian standards.

  • Local service agents and installations are performed by QBCC licensed plumbers.

  • Superior efficiency than most brands, thus higher STC rebates. Comparison chart 📊

  • Made by the world’s Largest Solar Hot Water Manufacturer



(07) 5370 6249

You can choose from the following systems;

300L Roof mount stainless steel thermosiphon tank with 2 collectors. Perfect for a family.  More details →

340L or 450L Ground mount tank with 2 collectors on the roof. Perfect for larger families or if your roof has a limited space.  More details →

Ground mount tank with an Evacuated tube collector (25 tubes or 30 tubes). Ideal for frost areasMore details →

German Tech All-in-one Heat Pump  More details →

Why Solar Hot Water Systems

1/4-1/3 of your total household energy is used just to heat hot water everyday. You can save this much with a solar hot water system. A solar hot water system is one of the best investments you can make for your home's energy efficiency.

Do you already have Solar panels? A solar hot water system is a great addition because it works like a PV battery storing hot water for use during the night time. Solar hot water is more economical and lasts longer than solar battery storage. 

▌ Testimo​nial

Lawrence of Forest Lakes said, we have had more than 3 years of FREE hot water. Since our German Tech solar Hot Water system was installed our electric booster element has NEVER been switched on, and we did not know we had one. This system has saved us hundreds of dollars, so the cost is minimal compared to other systems.

Tyrone of Glass House Mountains said, we had our Solar hot water system installed about a year ago. I'd just like to let you know that we have been amazed at how good our new German Tech Solar Hot Water system is. It's brilliant on multiple cloudy days. Your customer service, installation and follow-up were great. Thank you.

David from Rothwell said, our family of 3 teenagers and 2 Adults are very happy with our Solar Hot Water system and equally with German Tech / Impact Solar as the supplier. I have often thought when businesses make a sale, they promise you the world, but they rarely deliver on their promises. This is why my experience with German Tech / Impact Solar could not have been better. German Tech / Impact Solar is the company with old fashion value and integrity. I am really happy with the Hot Water system and German Tech / Impact Solar’s after sales service.

Peter from Cambewarra NSW said, Thank you for all the help in getting our German Tech Solar hot water system to us in time for installation. It is working just as expected and we have learnt how to use the electric boost to support the solar heating and not to waste energy with it. The installing plumber stated that the fittings supplied with the unit were the best quality he had ever seen in such a supplied system. The higher Solar rebate available for the German Tech Solar unit took about 1/3rd off the total price. These units are true value. 

Steve from Narangba said, “I have worked closely with German Tech / Impact Solar now for over 3 years on a regular basis. They are 100% determined and principled people who always have the customers best interests first and foremost. I am delighted to recommend German Tech / Impact Solar to plumbers and commercial customers around Australia”.

Russell from Maleny said, the German Tech Solar Hot Water is working extremely well, have not had to boost with electricity at all.

Have recommended the unit and you to a couple of people who are thinking about solar HWS. Many thanks Russell

Jillian  from Upper Mt Gravatt said, The solar hot water system is great and our family is experiencing faster and hotter water, particularly in my mother's granny flat, than we ever had with the gas. We only had the electric switch on the first 24 hours. Daniel was very professional and my mother commented from her bed, that was the most seamless experience ever with a tradesperson. Daniel explained the switches to me on completion, and Julian installed the switch exactly where I required it. Also, thank you for the solar light. I will recommend your company and tradespeople for solar hot water systems to my friends and family as I am just so pleased I made the change to solar hot water. Regards Jillian

Ross from Eaton Hills said, It is rare these days to come across a company that delivers what they promise, are honest and truthfully advise customers on what they actually need. I have dealt with German Tech Solar Hot Water / Impact Solar on multiple occasions while building my solar system and this has always been my experience. Thank you for your professional service and advice, I have and will continue to recommend you to everyone I know and come into contact with who need a solar solution.

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