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Ground mount Solar Hot Water System

Our Ground mount systems use a 270L, 340L, or 450L tank and 2 flat solar collectors. The collectors placed on your roof absorb the sun's rays and transfer the heat from the sunrays directly to your household water. We also have Evacuated tube collectors (25 tubes or 30 tubes) which are ideal for frost areas


Ground Mount Solar Hot Water Split System

Solar Hot Water Split System

Why do people choose a split system? There are 3 main reasons for choosing split systems:

  1. Split systems typically have a larger capacity tank, German Tech has 270L, 340L, and 450L which are ideal for larger families.
  2. Split systems are lighter as only the collectors are installed on the roof. This may be a consideration for older tiled roofs, or if your roof has a limited space.
  3. Split systems are sometimes considered more aesthetically pleasing as the tank is not visible on the roof. 
Solar Hot Water Split System


  • Vitreous enamel tank - 7 year warranty
  • Designed for Australian conditions
  • Flat Solar collectors - 6 bar rating - 7 year warranty
  • Solar Evacuated tubes - 7 year warranty
  • Evacuated tubes are ideal for frost areas (See Model TZ315E-30R-315L)
  • Easy tube replacement without loss of hot water
  • EV Manifold reduces heat loss
  • Alanod Mirotherm®** high absorbing glass **Highly selective blue coating for rapid heating and minimal heat loss
  • Flat collectors or Evacuated tubes - both thermally enhanced
  • Toughened glass to resist impact
  • Ultra-Sonic welding - faster heating - reduces heat loss
  • Grundfos pump, element, thermostat, controller - 2 year warranty 
  • Valve Kit & Brassware included - 1 year warranty
  • Made by the world’s Largest Solar Hot Water Manufacturer

Specifications - Manuals


  Model FPC270-2D 📄 

  Model FPC340-2D 📄

  Model FPC450-2D 📄

  Model TZ315E-30R-315L 📄

Warranty: 📄



(07) 5370 6249

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