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Features of German Tech Solar Hot Water Systems

  • Nextgen - even heats water on cloudy days
  • Industry leading Warranty
  • Australian design with German technology
  • Marine grade ​stainless steel tank SUS316L
  • Superior efficiency than major brands
German Tech Solar Hot Water System
Roof Mount Solar Hot Water

300L Marine grade stainless steel Thermosiphon tank with 2 solar collectors. Perfect for a family.

Ground Mount Split Solar Hot Water

270L, 340L, or 450L tank with 2 solar collectors. Perfect for larger families or if your roof has limited space. We also have Evacuated tube systems which are ideal for frost areas.

All-in-one Heat Pump

Our Heat Pumps are all-in-one units with the heat pump integrated into the top of the cylinder. We use R290 natural refrigerant, which is one of the most environment-friendly and cost-efficient refrigerants on the market.

Evacuated tube Solar Hot Water

Ideal for frost areas

Evacuated tube collector


GERMAN TECH Solar Hot Water Systems

GERMAN TECH Solar Hot Water System is designed for Australian conditions with German technology. It has an ALANOD Mirotherm® glass coating, which is designed for European cloudy weather and provides rapid heating to the water. Our thermosiphon tank is marine grade stainless steel SUS316L and has a 10 year warranty.      Read More →

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We only use QBCC licensed plumbers


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